Free video and audio tours for visitors with hearing or visual impairment

If you have a hearing impairment, you will be provided with a video tour in German Sign Language or International Sign. Special audio tours are available for the visually impaired and blind (only in German) upon request at the reception desk. Both, the video and the audio tour are free of charge.

Duration: 2 hours Language: German Sign Language and International Sign (video), German (audio)
Price: free of charge
Available: at the reception desk in the Information Centre



information about the educational offers of the Foundation Memorial

The Foundation Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe offers differetn guided tours and workshops.
The following video informs about these offers in International Sign.




Information on the Foundation and the Memorials

The Foundation Memorial to the murdered Jews of Europe is responsible for several Memorials each dedicated to the victims of the National Socialist regime. We give information about these Memorials and about the Foundations work in International Sign. You can also find an explanation about the website's build-up.

Please follow this link to get to the videos