How to adjust our Internet page to suit your individual needs

This page was developed with emphasis on barrier-free accessibility and is therefore highly suitable for use by disabled people. To meet the needs of the different types of disabilities, we have considered the following criteria:

  • The website is structured in such a way that those with screenreaders can have immediate access to the list of contents of a page, so skipping redundant information such as the navigation.
  • A Video in DGS (»German sign language«) explaining the Foundation's central functions is available for the deaf on this website.
  • »Information in simple language« is available for those with an impairment.

This website is arranged according to the BITV (»Barrier-free Information Technology Guidelines«, §11 of the law requiring equal status for disabled people) and the W3C (WAI) Accessibility Guidelines for Web Contents.

Questions and problems

Should use of our website give rise to any further questions or problems, please mail us: .