Room of Names

Picture: Visitors listening to biographies in the Room of Names

The Room of Names contains the dramaturgical climax of the exhibition: the reading of the short biographies of Jews murdered or missing. An attempt is made here to dissolve the incomprehensible abstract number of six million murdered Jews and to release the victims from their anonymity. At the same time, the name, year of birth and death of each person is projected on the four walls.
The National Socialists and their supporters tore apart millions of Jews from their native places, their culture and life world. In most instances, their mortal remains found no proper place of burial, but were buried unmarked or were burned. Only little stands today as testimony to the existence of those murdered. In many cases not even their names are known. Statements by witnesses and the findings of historical research make it possible to memorialize the dead individually. To reconstruct their biographies remains a long and complicated task. The information presented in this room is in keeping with our current level of knowledge. But the search continues. The reading of the names and life stories of all the victims in the form presented here would take approximately six years, seven months and 27 days.

Providing equipment for the recording of audio material in the Room of Names is complicated. However, since as many names and as much information on victims as possible should be collected to keep the memory of the victims alive, the Association Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe has kindly agreed to help finance the project through money received in donations. This arrangement was made by Lea Rosh and Professor Eberhard Jäckel, representing the board of the Association, and the Foundation.

Virtual Room of Names

On the internet, the room is accessible at This web page was created to keep alive the memory of the up to six million Jewish Holocaust victims beyond the memorial in Berlin and to raise funds for the compilation and production of more biographies.