Online Portal of the Federal Archive

Picture: Two visitors accessing the database

Since January 2008, the online version of the »Memorial Book – Victims of the Persecution of Jews under the National Socialist Regime in Germany 1933 – 1945« has been accessible for individual search queries in the rear part of the Yad Vashem Foyer. It contains more than 159,000 entries. Visitors can search for names, places of residence, and according to the dates of birth, deportation and death of Jewish victims.

The online version of the memorial book takes into account correspondence from victims’ relatives, and researchers as well as interested individuals who had approached the German Federal Archive since the publication of the memorial book in 2006. The online memorial book contains 10,000 newly recorded names not included in the print edition. Included for the first time are the known names of about 7,000 Polish Jews who were deported from the German Reich to Poland in 1938/39. Moreover, the results of the research project »List of Jewish residents in the German Reich 1933 – 1945« have been included in the online presentation. Nearly 1,000 sources from institutions both within Germany and abroad were assessed for this purpose.