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A new proposal for a memorial site in Berlin

wolanski fb simple
wolanski fb simple

A film about a young person’s self-assertion, grief and doubts

MG 9491

On 22 March 2020, photographer and author Lajos Erdélyi died in Budapest at the age of 90

Illuminated memorial, photo Marko Priske

Remembrance of all victims of Nazi terror on 27 January 2020

Sites of slave labour in the concentration camp system – Presentation of the new website


We congratulate Zilli Reichmann on her 95th birthday.

Film im Homosexuellen-Denkmal, Foto: Marko Priske

On occasion of the 10th anniversary of the inauguration of

PM Background

The Foundation Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe invites 11 artists to participate in a non-open competition for a new film for the Memorial to the Homosexuals Persecuted under the National Socialist Regime.