CHUKIV – Connecting Memory

In February 1943, about 300 Jews from Chukiv forced labour camp were beaten to death or shot on the edge of the former airfield near Chukiv.

This publication presents the exploitation and annihilation story of Jews who during the Second World War were deported from Romanian territories to occupied Ukraine, and later were transported by the German occupants to the forced labor camp in Chukiv village, located in Nemyriv district of the Vinnytsia region of Ukraine, where they were used for the construction of a transit road. The mass grave in Chukiv is one of the sites that were transformed into a dignified memorial and a place of information in 2019 in the frame of the international project “Protecting Memory”. The research is based on sources from Ukrainian and foreign archives, academic literature and private collections.

Both the project and the historical research, which resulted in this publication, have been funded by the German Federal Foreign Office.

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