»You’re Different?« – An online exhibition

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Online since

The youth website »You’re Different?« has been online since 18 September 2012. It is part of the educational work of the Foundation Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe. Numerous elements of the online exhibition »You’re different?« are used in the offers for visitors (LINK).


The website »www.dubistanders.de« is an online exhibition about young people from all over Europe who were marginalized and persecuted as »different« during the Nazi era. Some of the youngsters are prominent, like Sophie Scholl, but most are unknown. They became persecuted for a variety of reasons. The exhibition recalls the life stories of Jewish youths, Sinti, those persecuted as »asocial«, homosexuals, political dissenters and resistance fighters, people with disabilities, Jehovah’s Witnesses, prisoners of war, Leningrad children from the time of the hunger blockade and victims of Wehrmacht justice. All 36 participants in the exhibition so far have in common that they tried to assert themselves in an inhuman system.

Aim of the exhibition

The internet presentation aims to encourage pupils and young people to deal with one or more life stories of those persecuted as »different«. The manifold possibilities of approach are a special feature, because the biographies are not conveyed in a strictly linear way, but each user can dive directly into the sequences of his or her interest in different ways – for example via a galaxy of artistic-associative symbolic images and associated statements, a historical timeline with information on central themes of history, a map of Europe with life stations of young people or a cloud of themes from classical historical terms such as »deportation« or »resistance fighter« and general catchwords such as »dancing«, »clothing« or »bullying«.

The website is transformed into an interactive archive of memories by the users themselves. The teenagers can leave their own personal thoughts, pictures, sound recordings or videos to each biography with the commentary function »Zeigen, was ich denke« in the join in area. All comments and memory tracks are collected in the galaxy and can be viewed by other users there or in the respective biography.