The National Socialist »Euthanasia« Killings


The online and travelling exhibition to the Memorial and Information Point for the Victims of National Socialist »Euthanasia« Killings provides more information on the history and implementation as well as the effects of the NS »Euthanasia« killings.

People with intellectual disabilities or mental illnesses, but also socially unadapted people were among the first victims of the German extermination policy. Nevertheless, they fell into oblivion after 1945. In the families, their fate was often concealed out of shame. It was not until the 1980s that there were approaches to bringing the place more into the public consciousness. Since then, a memorial plaque and a sculpture by the artist Richard Serra commemorate the victims.

In 2007, Berlin citizens founded a Round Table which, with the support of politicians and academics, worked for an appropriate place of information and commemoration. The German Bundestag took this concern into account with its decision of 10 November 2011. After a design competition was announced by the State of Berlin, the memorial and information site was handed over to the public in 2014.